HCL Clam Grapple


Introducing Weldco-Beales Manufacturing’s new HCL (Horizontal Cylinder and Linkage) Clam Grapples, designed to handle high volume cut-to-length wood in loading and unloading applications.

First in the industry to combine the performance and versatility of a basket style (bunching) grapple jaw arrangement with the proven efficiency of a “power tilt/controlled head” excavator grapple.
Featuring Weldco FlexDrive

  • Weldco’s new drive system for XG, XPC, and the new HCL series
  • Mix and match components to generate the desired speeds and torques
  • 5 standard chassis sizes to suit your machine class
  • 6 motor confi gurations per class for optimum torque requirements
  • Integral x relief and rotation float valve
  • Basket style jaws achieve 120” opening for large loads and Grapple jaws lift and roll the load into a tight round bundle, minimizing stem crossing to achieve faster fill-times
  • Designed to match machine capacity, wood length and species (payload) for optimal performance and efficiency
  • High strength (alloy) steel construction for optimum payload through superior strength to weight ratio
  • Box section jaw profile allows maximum effi ciency and easy log flow during loading and unloading
  • Open jaw and torque tube design provide excellent visibility and torsional strength
  • Single, 5000 psi, high pressure horizontal hydraulic cylinder and timing linkage (HCL) keeps the jaws synchronized at all times, and delivers power to the jaw that needs it most during the loading cycle
  • Customer-specified lugging
  • Tool cylinder and tool cylinder float valve
  • Head “balancing” valve
  • Hydraulic control valve in head
  • Additional hydraulic function and 4 port manifold (swivel) for add-on making it “saw ready”
  • 3 tooth inner jaw for when additional clean-up is required
  • Single or dual drive motors to provide the desired speed and torque
  • Ring gear “auto lube” to eliminate hand lubrication
  • Rotation float valve (integral on motor crossover relief block) - an industry first
  • Alternate jaw profile and capacity to suit application (loading, sorting, hoe chucking/forwarding)




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