Roll Out Bucket


WBM Roll Out Buckets provide extra dump height and extra reach. They are used primarily in loose material stockpiling or loading applications. The design utilizes a material handling bucket (basket) that is hydraulically rotated around a pinned joint on a high strength pivot frame. The design maintains maximum cutting edge dump clearance to ground.

  • 90 to 105 degrees of dump angle
  • Dual hydraulic cylinder actuation
  • High strength to weight ratio on pivot frame and basket weldments
  • Flat bottom design
  • Bucket capacities are designed per SAE J742, and are based on heaped capacities
  • Base edge drilled for OEM bolt-on edges
  • Available with WLKAT or OEM pin-on lugging
  • Available in a wide variety of widths and capacities


  • Maximum cutting edge to ground clearance during dumping
  • Excellent loading and dumping capabilities
  • Positive dump and roll back action
  • Maintain machine capacity without losing payload capability
  • OEM drill pattern for easy after market parts sales


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